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Services We Provide


We offer a full range of Linux® services including assistance with initial system design, consulting on available Linux technologies and the suitability of Linux for your business requirements. We also provide support and maintenance contracts or can come onsite and troubleshoot specific Linux problems you may be experiencing.

Linux Consulting

We are here to help with your Linux questions - starting with whether your business should be using Linux and if it should, what Linux technologies would be most suited to your business and existing IT infrastructure. We are also here to advise on other open source software technologies which you might be interested in integrating into your business. We have worked with Microsoft environments, Linux environments and mixed environments. We also have experience in working with various propietary Unix environments including HP-UX and Tru64 Unix.

Our consulting services are focused on maximising your investment in IT - we do not recommend Linux technologies where they are clearly not suited to your business problem or business environment and recognise that companies with a significant investment in Microsoft technologies are keen to preserve that investment. On the other hand, we believe that appropriate use of open source technologies including Linux can significantly reduce your IT costs and we would be happy to come onsite and demonstrate how.

Atlantic Linux are available for short-term engagements to review and advise on how you can best use open source technology in your business. We also available for longer-term engagements deploying these technologies into your business while absolutely minimising any impact to your day to day business. We also have extensive experience in identifying suitable hardware systems if you require advice on this. Note that we do not normally provide support for Windows systems.

Linux System Design

So you've decided you want to make an investment in Linux. We are here to help you design an IT system, large or small, to fit into your existing IT infrastructure while addressing your business needs. One of the huge benefits of using open source software is that there are a myriad of technologies available to meet your needs - with our expertise to guide you, we can select the combination of technologies that fits best. We have been involved in designing Linux solutions for small office environments and large high performance compute clusters so we have the experience to fit your needs regardless of the size of the problem.

Linux Support and Managed Services

Atlantic Linux provides a range of 12-month support contracts to meet the needs of various businesses. Contact us to discuss your specific technical support needs and after reviewing your IT infrastructure we'll be able to recommend a suitable technical support package that meets your support requirements and fits your budget. We have, in the past, provided technical support in various ways including onsite priority support, remote support using any of secure shell, Cisco VPN, OpenVPN or Microsoft VPN.

Our customers include companies with their own dedicated IT staff with whom we work closely on Linux problems and smaller companies who cannot justify hiring dedicated Linux support people. In each case, our support offerings are tailored to the needs of the customer - our staff are trained to work with end-users or IT support specialists.