Welcome to Atlantic Linux®. We are a Linux IT Services company based in Galway, Ireland. We deliver the following services with a focus on the Linux operating system and related open source applications,

Our existing clients include organisations in

so we have a broad understanding of the requirements of our customers. Our services are delivered with a focus on pragmatic, reliable, expert service.

We'll recommend the Linux solution that best meets your business needs, not the latest fad technology or some standard system unsuited to your business requirements.
We have found Linux to be the foundation for extremely reliable business systems and deliver systems to our customers that achieve the maximum levels of reliability within your budget.
We have worked with all of the major Linux distributions including Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, Novell/SuSE Linux, Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu Linux. We also have extensive experience with a wide range of other open source software including Samba fileserver, Apache Webserver, Apache Tomcat, MySQL database software and Postfix.